Master of Beauty

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This young adult book is manifesting what our current culture is obsessed with, beauty. From the start, Clayton throws the reader into a society drenched in over exaggeration and perfection. In the middle of all these elements are the girls that create the illusion, Belles.

We are introduced to a Belle in training, arriving at court to display her gifts. She is so immersed in the culture of beauty, she only wants to please. In her test, she must display her talents by transforming a regular girl. This will decide if she will become one of the elite Belles

Clayton does a beautiful job in depicting the surroundings of the world she has created. From the 2 chapters I read, the writing style was very immersive. I hope that there will be some depth and complexity of the main character. In that, she evolves and has some dimension. But cannot wait to read if this happens