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Highly recommend

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Camellia has the power to beautify things specially humans, their figures, colour, structures and everything. All the belles has the same ability and after The Beaute Carnaval one of them will be chosen as the favourite by Queen as they dream of and will reside in the palace with the royal family.

Getting a second chance Camellia got the duty to please princess and the queen to prove them that she is legible and she was supposed to be the best and chosen first. But there are deep dark secrets behind the castle only the ex-belles and royal people knows. However, she was given many challenges but the foremost challenge was to save the kingdom of Orleans, to save the throne for which she discovers dark secrets and has to risk the life of her and the belles to protect everyone.

I don't know how to sum up this whole book into a review. This books is soo good. If you're looking for magic,love, betrayel, madness, secrets then this book is for you.
I was reading two books at once then had to pause the other book because of this one cause it turned out so good in the middle. It kept me going and going and asking for more.

Now the world Dhonielle created was everything. I felt like I was reading a disney book with a touch of darkness. Trust me, she discribed the world, Orleans, everything around Camellia so well, everything was so vivid. From the description of clothes, food,castle to the structure of human body I had to fall in love with it. Everything was magical,colorful that I didn't wanna stop.

Now comes the characters. Camellia is a stubborn but very clever character. She is smart, strong and brave. I love it. I love her. When everybody was dying to get beautiful she kept telling they were beautiful as they were. She took brave steps in the book. I love everything about her.
Then comes the side characters Du Berry,Amber, Sophia, Bree,Remy,Auguste. But my favourite after Camellia is Remy. You'll find out if you read the book *insert wink emoji *

There's so many good things about the book that I can't find what's wrong here. Oh yes. I didn't like the ending. I know there's a sequel but still the ending wasn't how it supposed to be. It felt like she stoped writing in the middle. She couldn't end the story well and it didn't meet up to my expected ending.

But I'm definitely reading the sequel next to know how everything ended
I would totally recommend it to all YA, Fantasy lovers out there.