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Great World Building

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The Belles features a dystopian world where beauty is bestowed upon those who can pay. The Belles, females who are given the divine gift of being able to change people's looks with the arcana that runs through their blood, are raised for a single purpose: to become the Favorite of the Queen for their generation. But when a "peek behind the curtain" yields certain truths for Camellia, one of the Belles, will the reality change her purpose?

The world building was good, as I could truly picture in my mind the opulence of the court and the realities of life for others. The featured characters are well developed, but it seemed like they were there to fit certain roles that existed in the fictional world. The book was highly repetitive, especially in regards to the Belles appearance and the calling of their gifts. The ending, although a little transparent, was the best part of the book for me. The future of the series has great possibility, so I would be interested in seeing where the author takes Camellia from here.