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This is a book that will surprise you.

From the outside, it looks like it was written for princesses-to-be, but the inside is different. Among the lush descriptions of dresses and beautiful people, there is darkness lurking.

I couldn’t stop reading. Camellia has all the qualities a heroine needs: kindness, strength, empathy, determination, courage and the willingness to make a change. Quite evidently, it takes her time to realize the danger she and the other Belles are in, but when she does, she doesn’t stay quiet.

The Belles exist to give people exquisite features; to make them beautiful. Even so, the citizens are the ones who need them the most, as they do not have enough money to pay Belles, but the rich tend to be the only ones to use the abilities of Belles.

Like it isn’t like that everywhere in the world? And ultimately, the rich overuse the Belles, which puts their health in a precarious spot.

Although Camellia doesn’t need anyone to share her spotlight, she is better when she is with her sisters, who do not make apparitions often, but they are rather present in the heroine’s thoughts. I loved the sisterhood.

The author has a lot to say about the definition of beauty and how we should never let others' perceptions of us create or shape our image.

I cannot wait to see where this is going.