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Beauty Really is Pain

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Being born a Belle is a great honor--beauty and power handed down by the Goddess of Beauty. Beauty is a commodity, and in the isles of Orleans it comes at a high price. But because the people of Orleans are grey otherwise the price of being beautiful feels worth it. Belles are the ones that create that beauty.

It isn't magic-- it is an ability in their blood. An ability that can move the structure of bones and change the color of skin and hair. Belles can change most anything about a person and they are highly revered for it... but what happens if their power is harnessed or bottled?

Camille and her sisters have trained their whole lives, each with the hope of becoming the Favorite, the personal Belle to the Royal family. And Camille receives that honor, but she quickly realizes that the ideals that she lived with for so long may not really be how the world really operates. And as she uncovers a sinister reaction to beauty she attempts to save her sisters and the kingdom.

This was an excellent book! It had a lot of heavy imagery on beauty and alterations of self.. I wouldn't suggest this book for anyone under a high school aged person.

I cannot wait for the next portion to come out!