A fascinating new world!

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This book was absolutely fabulous! I was a little nervous at first because it is a magical world based on fashion and I was worried it would turn into a stereotypical shallow "beauty is everything" book. This book took what we think is fashionable and the "ideal" beauty and flipped it on its head. I absolutely loved the main character. She is naive at first but strong willed and fights for what she believes in. I mean what more can you ask for in a heroine? The characters feel real as they make mistakes and feel a full range of emotions. The magic system is also pretty cool as the Belles have the power to transform the physical body and everyone else in the society is naturally gray. Plus cute baby animals, who does not love those? The writing was captivating and able to transport me to this other world where I was exciting to see how things would unfold and where the characters were going next. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy reading about song female characters, female friendship, coming of age stories, magic, and court systems.