Worth a reread

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I listened to this one as well, and again I think this is one that I think I’ll have to read again in order to really appreciate it. I also think that I may have listened to it either too quickly, or wasn’t really paying attention to it in addition to listening to it too quickly so… yeah. What I did like about it was that it gave us some vampires in New Orleans, it had a main character that wasn’t a white girl – no offense, but in case you haven’t seen my choice of novels lately, I am enjoying seeing some characters of color in my novels – and having it… pretty mysterious. I don’t even think they mentioned the word “vampire” in the novel, if I remember correctly? It was pretty interesting…. and I’m curious to see how the sequel goes. I heard it was better, if I remember, and I do definitely owe this book another read before I read the sequel. I don’t know if this makes me semi-evil but I totally enjoyed the “find the killer” aspect of it. Very “Jack the Ripper” esque.