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I really wanted to love this, but unfortunately I did not.

It is beautifully written. It makes you feel like you are in New Orleans, can feel the love of the city. The best part is also it's downfall. It's a very descriptive book, from the city, to the people, to the feelings. At the start it's great, it paints a great picture. But with the story moving slowly throughout the book, those descriptions become irritating as they become repetitive, with how the main character feels and thinks, to how the surroundings are.

The historical time it is placed in really only alludes to their dress attire such as the corset and panama hat that is often mentioned in the story with some of the racism and sexism of the time sprinkled in for reference. I was always torn between liking or hating the main character. She seemed smart but made stupid decisions was strong headed but was always yelling internally which was a thing in itself.

The trope I disliked the most is also present, the non-existent love triangle. It just isn't believeable. Most of the book reminded me of Twilight especially certain parts that I won't mention to not spoil the book.

I will say, I did like the last page. I may have been one of the few that the enjoyed the ending. But alas, their is a sequel, that I will most likely pass on.

Please keep in mind, this is a story with vampires, not a book about vampires, at least not yet