New Orleans yes please!

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Three simple words sold me on reading this book. Vampires & New Orleans.
Now I know what you are thinking, that the vampire thing is so overdone and needs to stay dead and buried(pun intended) but hear me out! This book shows vampires in a whole different light(pun double intended) this isn’t some dumb rip off of twilight and it definitely isn’t glorifying vampires either. In fact, this book instead mainly focused on a murder mystery that kept me very intrigued from start to finish and had me gasping at the unbelievable ending and revelation of who the murderer is. It is someone you never expected and yet should have from the very beginning.
I don’t really read mysteries or thrillers too often. When I do I reserve them for the month of October because I love to feel spooky that month, but this book was an exception because there was no way I was waiting that far to find out all the twist and turns that this book took us on. I am much more interested in these kinds of books now after reading this book.
Based in 1872 New Orleans, the story follows one Celine Rousseau. A normal girl who has fled Paris and her dark past in search of a better life in the new world. But her dark past and the darkness inside of her keeps leading her to one Sebastien Saint Germain. A boy with darkness all of his own. When like calls to like these two don’t stand a chance of avoiding the ever-growing tension and attractiveness they feel towards one another. It is only a matter of time before these two collide. But will it be before or after the murderer that is loose on New Orleans makes his final stand?
Everything about this book was perfection. From the absolute perfect balance of romance and death to the sprinkle of french language that is weaved seamlessly throughout the novel. Let us not forget the jaw-dropping cliff hanger, that left me ranging at this book for hours after completing it. Fear, not my friends, this just means that book two is going to be stocked full of amazing revelations and some must needed truths!