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Just alright

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I was hoping for a darker, bloodier story... and I didn't get that. I'm kind of disappointed to be honest. I felt like the author tried a bit too hard to make Celine "special" and "not like other girls". It became a tad irritating after a while. I get that Celine has a troubled past and feels out of place, but I felt like her "specialness" was thrown in my face one too many times. I think if any author really wants their heroine to stand out, let the characters motives and actions and thoughts make them "different". Let the reader decide for themselves.
Also, I didn't care for Bastien. It was a case of InstaLove, and it frustrated me. It was the classic "girl falls for misunderstood bad boy" trope, and I don't think it was very well done. It felt artificial and shallow. Like, can anyone really say why these two characters fall for each other in the first place? NOPE.
That being said, I loved the dark setting. It felt a little mysterious (but also underdeveloped). Had the author expounded more on the dreary, yet somehow enticing setting of New Orleans in the 1800s, I think I would have loved this book so much more.