Disappointing Twilight Wannabe

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Honestly I just wanted more from this story. I was promised a historical New Orleans vampire romance. While on paper it seems that we have this exact what we have. However I was disappointed. Basically this ended up having a historical Twilight feel. The love triangle and battle between vampires and their age old enemy (think again, Twilight) is so overdone and unoriginal.

New Orleans never played a strong or pivotal role in the storyline. This story could have happened anywhere. Same goes for the historical context. There in the beginning but change a word here and there and it could easily be a modern story throughout. New Orleans is so rich in culture and I can't believe we didn't get any of that, other than a few mentions of the French Quarter and Mardi Gras.

I was never sold on the romance. It always seemed like infatuation at best. Celine was an alright character, but bland. Her repetitive guilt over a past crime got so redundant and annoying. The mystery was so vague that I just found myself not caring about it one way or another. Once the reveal was made I was unimpressed.

Given a little love and care this could have been something. Instead I'm left with another unoriginal Twilight wannabe.