Let’s see what this “BEAST” is REALLY made of...

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Oh man oh man, this book COULD NOT have come at a better timing in my life. I decided in October that I would take on the “Villains Series” by Serena Valentino and so far have read “Fairest of All” ( The Evil Queen) and literally JUST finished the book “The Beast Within” on Friday. (About The Beast, obviously). This book would fit right into my TBR for November as I proceed with Ursula’s story next.

In reading these tales from the side of the “baddie” as my Mom loves to say, I learned an entirely new perspective, a view through the eyes of the beholder; just what kind of life these miscreants had to have in order to make them the way that they are today. There is always two sides to a story, we often only see the one that is easier to believe.

I’ve always been a fan of the name Nathaniel, so I can see myself siding with this wretched character already. So I say, let’s see what he’s got....If Astrid can’t handle him maybe I can! Hah!

On a super serious note, this cover is sexyyyyyy!