Beauty and the Beast meets Taming of the Shrew.

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Absolutely loved this historical romance novel! Wouldn't consider it die-hard regency romance, as it does read a little modern, but it promises to be very fun and sexy. "On the shelf" older sister Astrid must save her sixteen-year-old sister Isobel from an impending marriage to a lecherous man more than twice her age. If she can't devise a plan to save them both, her selfish, greedy uncle will marry her sister off with his power as their official guardian. He's run through the entire fortune their father left behind for his daughters, and knows he can grease his palms by marrying Isobel off to the highest bidder—even if it's to the same man who once doggedly pursued Astrid a decade ago (implied assault). Her plan? Marry first. To who? The one man no other woman will have.