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I already like and love that it was a Wattpad book.I read Wattpad since I was in Seventh grade.I still do I just love it so much .I also really love me a bad boy I mean who wouldn’t.I think the cove Is my favorite part .I just love who cute and romantic it is.It makes me feel so lonely but I love it.I think it will be a good book cause all the books that come from Wattpad are good.I will for sure be buying this book just to support the author and her amazing work and also my lovely friend Wattpad.Plus I can never ever have enough books in my room or book shelf.I really suggest reading this book I sure it won’t let you down.And if you love it for sure go and try other Wattpad books.there are many kinds cause I know romance is not for everyone.On Wattpad you can find any kind of book genre there and some published into books so definitely buy those books .so GO.