Mystery with many layers

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The opening scene of this book reminded me of my childhood, devouring Fear Street books. It opens with the story of how Emma was stabbed and severely injured while covering a babysitting job for her sister, Jamie. What follows is the story about how the attack affected their family and town, and whether the attacker is once again stalking victims 20 years later.

I was eager for a nostalgic thriller, and while I found The Babysitter to be more of a mystery than a scary/suspenseful thriller, I was drawn in and spent the bulk of my weekend reading non-stop to see what happened next. I wanted to know what the resolution of the mysterous attacks was, sure, but I was most drawn to finding out more about Jamie and Emma - who suffered a brain injury that affects her personality and behavior - and the relationship that they had to rebuild so long after their teenhood trauma.

This book has something for everyone to enjoy and is a very fast read despite its high page count: there is a dash of romance, some teen AND adult drama, multi-layered characters, and of course the big mystery of who attacked Emma and is terrorizing their town all over again. I couldn't put this down, so plan to clear your schedule for a couple days when you decide to pick up The Babysitter!