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I could not guess the ending!

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The Baby-Sitter is a book that I thought would be a easy figure out of "who dunnit" kind of book. But I was wrong! The cover of the Baby-sitter gives off that great 80's horror thriller feel and i guess I thought the story would be like that. I little cheesy, 80's retro type of thriller. You know the kind of book that you figure out who the bad guy (or girl) is before your halfway done with the story and then you spend the rest of the book yelling at the MC for doing stupid s**t. weel, it is safe to say that this book is not like that! I was kept guessing page by page, chapter by chapter. The story starts in the past and we see one of the characters stalked by the Baby-sitter killer! Present day the MC is all grown up and back in town with her teenage daughter...enter stage left, the baby-sitter killer!!! that's all i'm going to say!