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An edge of your seat mystery thriller!

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Fans of mysteries, this is a book for you! An exciting mystery with multiple twists, making you suspect so many people!

The story is written in third person, but told from several perspectives. Mainly it’s told from the perspectives of Jamie, her daughter Harley, and Cooper, a high school friend of Emma’s who became a detective. Each perspective is written in a slightly different style. This gives a first person feel to the story, while also providing details that only third person writing can provide. Additionally, there are periodically short writings from the attacker’s perspective, giving you insight into what they are feeling during those particular times, without giving away who they are.

It’s a nice touch that Cooper is a detective, and was a friend of Emma’s. This gives you some backstory into who Emma was in high school, before she was attacked, and who her friends were. It also provides police work to the mystery.

I only have two complaints, which are very small. The first being that the little bit of romance that was included seemed to move a little too fast. The second being that the ending felt a bit too abrupt to me, but it still provided good closure.

I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery! The entire time you are drawn to the story, with a need to know who is behind the attacks! Definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat with a thrill the whole time!