The Babysitter Stalker?

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When the guy Jamie Whelan was crushing on invited her to a party, she managed to convince her sister, Emma, to take over the Ryerson babysitting job so she could go to the party. The party wasn't exactly what Jamie had expected but she managed to get home safely and went to bed only to be woken up by the phone.

Emma had been attacked at the Ryerson home. Along with the injuries from the stabbing, Emma had fallen and struck her head. At first, it was believed that the Babysitter Stalker who'd struck earlier in other towns was responsible for Emma's attack, but there was no proof.

Emma survived, but she was no longer the sister Jamie had known. Their mother cared for her; Jamie escaped as soon as she could. But when her mother dies, Jamie finds herself back in River Glen, watching over Emma while taking care of her teen-aged daughter, Harley. And with an unexpected hint from Emma that her attacker may be right there in River Glen, Jamie is worried. Is Emma right? Is the attacker lurking in the shadows even after all these years?

The undercurrent of uneasiness cues the reader into the growing mystery and the suspense surrounding the attack and the identity of the attacker. Will there be other victims? Or is Emma simply imagining things? There seems to be much more to the story, the mystery deepens, and readers want to know what is going to happen next. And what will Jamie do when she runs into her long-ago crush, now a River Glen police officer? The mystery deepens, and pulls the reader into the telling of this exciting tale.