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Wow just wow! This was absolutely magical. A book that I will read again and again and again. I loved this book so much. The story and the way it was written took me to another place, I was so involved that I didn't notice anything going on around me, I haven't gotten lost in a book like that in a long time. From the very first page The Arsonists City will pull you in and keep you wanting to read more. It is written in such a way that it flows beautifully and brings the story to life, was like watching a movie in my brain while reading. Idris wants to sell the family home in Beirut his wife Mazna does not and asks their three kids to go to Beirut with them in hopes they can change his mind. Two daughters Naj and Ava and one son Mimi. All three have things going on in their lives but end up agreeing to go to the family home for the summer. The secrets that are shared the history of their family the way each of them change over the summer.