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This first look had two sections, the prologue & chapter 1. They vary greatly in tone.

The prologue is quite intense. A young man reflects on his family's past from a refugee camp. Despite the dreadful situation he and his numerous siblings are in, his surroundings are warm and his memories are honey-washed. The imagery and emotion associated with this young man's past is so strong and pulled me right in. Even though his family is in a bad situation, the love emanates from their every interaction. It was really lovely.

Chapter 1 shows the same family, several decades into the family, when they have built lives for themselves, separate from the refugee camp. The family's interactions are more lighthearted, mundane, and banter-filled. The dynamic changes drastically, but the appeal does not. It is witty, funny, fast-paced, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Even with just this little snippet, I had already fallen in love with the characters. This was truly beautiful prose.