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When I started this book, I had such high hopes for it. The first impression had seemed intriguing!
By page 100 though, I was bored completely. I really tried to finish it but I just couldn’t. The initial scene that starts this book off is really the only part that captures me completely. After that, it just continued to be slow and drawn out.
The chapters are divided into the three siblings, initially for you to get their stories. Ava, Mini and Naj.

The Nasr family goes back to Beirut, very reluctantly, in hopes of saving the family home. After the death of their grandfather, the patriarchal duties fall on Idris, who believes that selling the home is what is best. Each have their own reasons for not wanting to return to Beirut.

I hope to try and give this one another shot later on down the road, but I honestly just could not get into this book.