A taste of a complicated family dynamic

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The prologue of this story is set in a refugee camp in Beirut. A young man is taken from his home and executed as payback for an incident he was only peripherally involved in. Part one jumps forward in time and across continents to the friend and wife of the executed man. Manza, the wife, calls Ava, one of her three children, to inform her that they are planning to sell the family home back in Beirut. All three children are on the deed, so they must travel with their mother and father to Beirut to complete the sale. The writing is very detailed and we quickly learn a lot about each of the characters. Ava is a frustrated mom in Brooklyn who is working through some marriage issues with her husband Nate. Ava's brother Mimi works at Olive Garden but is pursuing a musical career. Their third sibling, Naj, seems to be afflicted with wanderlust. It's clear that the family relationships are complicated. It will be interesting to see what happens with the family trip, and how their lives now tie back to the executed young man in Beirut.