Wonderfully Frightening

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Alex North is the king of scary scene setting. Once you begin reading The Angel Maker you will not be able to put it down. This novel has multiple layers, a few different timelines and characters to traverse making it the perfect psychological thriller.
The story begins approximately 20 years ago when a young teen boy Chris is brutally attacked by a deranged man leaving his scarred for life. Then we fast forward to present day when a professor is found brutally murdered in his bed. He was a collector of the possessions of the infamous serial killer Jack Lock AKA The Angel Maker. As the detective's investigation begins, we witness Chris on surveillance cameras inside the professors home just moments before his death. How does Chris know the professor? Who is stalking Chris and his family? Why was the professor killed?
In unraveling the answers to these questions, we delve further into the past to the crimes of Jack Lock and the beliefs of the religious Deus Scripist chapter. So, how do you stop a serial killer that knows the future? Read Alex Norths The Angel Maker to find out.