So Glad Alex North is Back!

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Alex North’s books will always hold a special place in my heart, which may be a strange thing to say of a thriller writer. But if you’ve read The Whisper Man or The Shadows, you know how insightful and emotional his books can be. The Whisper Man, in particular, helped me through a very difficult time, captivating me in a way books rarely do when I’m overly distressed. So, yes, there is a space reserved for North in my heart, even if The Angel Maker didn’t live up to what I’ve found in his books in the past.

This is not to say that his latest is great. I found it to be his most creative story yet. I do love how he brings fresh ideas onto paper, as I’ve grown weary of the same old suspense tropes.

Like his other novels, The Angel Maker fills the reader with a lot of questions, offers morsels of creepiness, and has familial bonds at its core. Unfortunately, I found the pacing to be slower than the previous two, but what disappointed me the most was that it didn’t have the profound tidbits or emotional depth I’d fallen for in the past. Although one might argue that the philosophy angle was meant to be profound, it didn’t speak to me on a personal level and that is what I had craved. However, the final round was, indeed, gripping and the absent emotional aspect finally surfaced as the story closed. It simply took entirely too long to get there.

For what it was, it was certainly an enjoyable story, and without expectations, I may have seen the novel differently.

I vacillated on my rating for this one, as I’d expected it to be a five star read before cracking it open. I believe my inability to let go of that made me want to settle on at least 4.5 stars. But I think the most honest rating I can give is an even 4. It’s still a stellar rating, even though it hurts to have not felt the same satisfaction as I have with North’s other books.

I am immensely grateful to Celadon Books and BookishFirst for my copy. All opinions are my own.