Slow Burn Mystery

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I have read and loved both of Alex North’s previous books and really loved them. I was beyond excited when I heard this book was coming out and I knew I had to read it. Unfortunately this one didn’t hold the same magic for me that the previous two did. That’s not to say it was a bad book, it wasn’t, it was well written with an interesting mysterious story, but it was a ridiculously slow burn. The last third of the book picked up a bit and kept my interest better. The mystery was interesting and I liked the hint of the supernatural while mostly lying in reality and centering around a serial killer. Katie has always felt responsible for her little brother so when she gets the call that he needs her even though they haven’t talked in years she knows she needs to find him. Detective Laurence Page has a pretty gruesome crime he is investigating but the more he digs the more it points to two older cases. The story had twists and turns, but I’m not sure it quite fell into a thriller or horror for me. A fun ride, just not the ride I was expecting.