Sinister and spine-chilling

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The book cover of THE ANGEL MAKER by Alex North is simple yet eye-catching and intriguing, and honestly, I don’t know what I would expect from this novel.

Upon finishing THE ANGEL MAKER, I exhaled the long breath that I had been holding from approximately the last one-third of the novel till the end, and I said to myself this is a SATISFYING hair-raising thriller!!

I like the protagonist Katie Shaw who is strong, brave and determined! She determines that she will always protect her brother, Christopher Shaw, no matter what!

The phenomenal Alex North has deftly weaved layers of mysteries, plots and unexpected twists into this sinister and spine-chilling page-turner. Little but important pieces from the past have been destined to collide with the pieces of the present, in order to complete this enthralling and fascinating puzzle of THE ANGEL MAKER, alluring the readers with intensified suspense as the pages turn!

I am always absolutely mesmerized by Alex North’s thrillers, and I’m so looking forward to reading his next novel!