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Katie Shaw grew up in the English countryside in a beautiful house and basically lived a charmed life. With graduation coming up, her dreams were big, her boyfriend was devoted, and her little brother protected fiercely by her. Then one day a stranger violently changed her family's fate forever.

Still unable to live with the guilt, years later, surrounding what happened to Chris, Katie struggles to discern real threats from the imaged, especially now with a child of her own to protect. Then she receives a phone call: Chris has gone missing and needs his sister once again.

Meanwhile, Detective Laurence Page is dealing with a gruesome crime. A professor, known for his talks on fate and free will, has been murdered soon after firing all of his staff. Everything leads back to two old cases: the horrible attack on teenager Christopher Shaw, and the notorious crimes of a serial killer who, legend has it, could see the future.

I have read Alex North's other books and really enjoyed them so I was excited about this one! It definitely didn't disappoint. The writing was well done and kept you guessing until the end.