Predicting a Good Book

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I didn’t like The Angel Maker quite as much as the previous two books. I’m not sure if it’s because of the head space I was in when I read this, but I almost felt like it was trying to be too clever and be too interconnected. The story revolves around the possibility posited by a fringe religious group that everything that has or will ever happen is preordained. The book begins with Chris Shaw being brutally attacked and then years later Alan Hobbes being brutally murdered. The story is told by Chris and his sister Katie in the present. Edward Leland, a shadowy and wealthy old man, tells the story in the present and the past. Alan Hobbes tells the story in flashbacks to the past, and mostly last but not least Detective Laurence Page is also telling the story in the present as he works to find the connections between the Shaws, Alan and Edward. It has too many POVs and it tends to give the story a disrupted feel, instead of what I think North intended, which was that of different characters holding different pieces of the puzzle. This means that the reader ends up knowing more than the characters, and in my case, forgetting that certain characters don’t know what I do. It does a disservice to Laurence, who seems like he’s intended to be a mystery solving savant, but instead seems to bumble along with information the reader already has. The story is still good; it has elements of suspense to it and plot twists, that if they seem underwhelming, are still interesting. Is it odd to say that I wish North had done both more and less with this story? More with the destiny aspect, less with the POVs and flashbacks. A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.