Multi-Genre with a Story Built Over Several Decades

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I am a huge fan of Alex North, and I’ve read all of his books and loved them. This book is no different.

The author creates a multi-genre story that mixes the past with the future to create a suspenseful roller coaster of a book. “The Angel Maker” was a murderous thriller, a police procedural, a family drama, and even a twinge of the Sci-fy/fantasy genre. This book has scenes of pure horror that make you terrified to read the next sentence, but also has humorous parts. The storyline was unique and the setting of a partially burned mansion was imaginative.

I will say that this book at times was more confusing that Alex North’s other books. You do need to pay attention to characters and timelines. At times that can get a bit confusing. However these jumping timelines and large quantity of characters is also what makes the story so interesting as it’s more complex than a typical mystery.

Overall, I would definitely recommend “The Angel Maker.” Alex North successfully made a new family thriller with multiple twists at the end that keep you guessing.