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I was so excited to win an ARC of the new Alex North book. I can start by saying I definitely enjoyed his other two a bit more than this one but let's face it, Mr. North never fails to deliver.

I really hate writing reviews that just regurgitate the blurb so I'm going to skip that and do pros and cons.

Pros: new take on an overused plot, great character building, and not so wordy that you get sucked out of the story.

Cobs: overused plot that made you feel like you knew the answers right away, side characters aren't the kind you attach too (this is my own personal quirk), and stretched a bit too far.

All in all, if you enjoyed his others you will love this. I will recommend it and I will personally buy a finished copy but it wouldn't be my first choice to read or recommend.

Thank you to the author, publisher, and Bookish First for an ARC of Angel Maker. Grab your copy now!