It was good, but I was hoping for more

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I was really intrigued by the first look of this book and was hoping for a really good story. The opening had me so anxious to find out who hurt Chris and I presumed that was what the majority of the book would be about. Through no fault of the author, I continually got Hobbes and Hyde mixed up.

I enjoyed the story line of Hobbes and Leland and figuring out who each man was and why they were after each other. But, I would have loved to hear more about the actual book that Hobbes was trying so desperately to keep from his brother and the woman that caused the issues between the brothers. But, maybe the vagueness of it was the point; how we don't always understand the motives of people or don't see the whole picture for horrible acts that people commit.

I wanted to see more of why Katie's family was targeted by Hyde. I understand why Chris was targeted, but it didn't make sense to me why Katie's family was in danger.

Overall, it was an intriguing read that really put my brain to work. If you're a fan of abstract/slightly unresolved story lines, this should be a great read for you. I prefer more concrete endings, but I can appreciate the vague ones as well.