I NEED to finish this book.

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I've read another Alex North novel in the past, so when I saw this one pop up I knew I had to dive in. I love the way this book starts out - a pretty relatable teenage scene which ends in a tragedy and leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Then, the timeline and perspective shift wildly and leave you with even more unanswered questions. A mix of familiar and unfamiliar names and mysterious circumstances ropes me right in.
The characters are developed perfectly from the start: we don't know much about them, and don't know much about their history, but North tells us just enough so that we can picture them and understand how their voice might sound or how their facial expressions might look.
Now, at the end of the preview, I know I HAVE to keep reading. I can't comprehend yet how her brother survived the vaguely explained tragedy from the opening scene, and I can't understand how her daughter has such creepy premonitions, but I need more.