Exciting thriller I couldn't put down

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The Angel Maker by Alex North is a FANTSTIC thriller.

I absolutely love this author's other books, so I was so excited to receive an early copy.

I loved the author's previous books, The Whisper Man and The Shadows.

This book had my attention from page 1, and I could not put it down reading late into the night (best time to read a thriller)!

The plot was complex and intricate with a large cast of characters which are complex and well crafted.

The characters are intertwined, but that doesn't become obvious.

The timeline is in the present and reverts to the past during pertinent events.

When reading you don't know who the good ones are and who the evil diabolical ones are, and it is so fun to find out!

There are so many twists and turns and a perfectly plotted pace, only in a way that Alex North can craft.

Highly recommend this FANTSTIC book that is impossible to put down.