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Review of The Angel Maker by Alex North:
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Katie Shaw is haunted by a gruesome incident that happened to her brother, Chris, years ago. An incident that changed the course of their families life. With a family of her own, Katie feels wracked with guilt over what happened to her brother and it only gets worse as she wrestles with separating real threats versus imagined. Then she receives a devastating call that her brother is missing. Simultaneously unfolding, Detective Laurence Page investigates a brutal murder that has all the earmarks of two very old cases. One involving the attack on Chris Shaw and the other, a notorious serial killer who allegedly had the uncanny ability to see the future.

Alex North doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to illustrating the scenes as if they were happening right in front of your eyes. Simply put, The Angel Maker is a dark and disturbing puzzle that skillfully connects multiple complex storylines. Slow to start with an intricate plot and a long list of characters, this is a book best binged. But rest assured because once you’re invested, the pace picks up and you will quickly discover all the unexpected ways the characters are connected. Alex North is a masterful storyteller - always delivering something original - and after considering the central theme of determinism, readers may find themselves experiencing an existential crisis of their own because if your life is already predetermined, what is the point of it? And while there are some holes in the story that were left open for interpretation, it made for an engaging discussion. Crafted together, The Angel Maker is very much a police procedural with horror and thriller elements expertly woven in.

Thank you to @CeldadonBooks [#partner] for gifting me (and my book club) an early readers copy in exchange for an independent and honest review! The Angel Maker is scheduled to hit shelves on 02/28/2023 so get your preorders in now!