Alex North is on my radar

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*4.5 stars rounded up to 5 stars

As someone who stays away from the Mystery/Thriller genre, I fully enjoyed North’s book. Truly invested in all of the storylines, the mystery behind how they’re connected kept me from putting the book down. I thought the build-up of how they’re related was a satisfying progression, and I thought North did a good job of revealing necessary information through each pov.

When I got to the point in the story where I can finally see where Fate comes into play, I was gripped by the paragraphs that described how wrong, or off the world seemed because defying Fate was like tipping the Earth off its axis. It was so captivating, especially when we see how the antagonist and professor took advantage of their knowledge of Fate to change the course of nature.

I do want to note that the first third of the book was slow for me because there are several characters I had to remember, their relationships, and the sequence of events/timelines. It was hard for me to appreciate the beginning because the groundwork is still getting laid for the rest of the mystery.

4.5 stars from me!