A fun and complex novel with a twist

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Although I liked Alex North's previous two novels (The Whisper Man and The Shadows) better than his newest novel, The Angel Maker, I did enjoy this book.

Katie Shaw lived a charmed life with a little brother she protected fiercely. Until the day a violent stranger changed the fate of her family forever. Now, years later her not-so-little-anymore brother, Chris, as gone missing. What unfolds is like nothing anybody ever expected.

The Angel Maker is a dark and suspenseful story about a serial killer who was said to know the future. There are a number of characters in this book and various timelines throughout which really added to the narrative but also made the story a bit complex. Sometimes I got a bit confused and lost track of who's who and what' what but always found myself back on track.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. Included in the narrative was a bit of true crime, a bit about the mysteries of fate and pondering about if our future is really set in stone.