Good Hook

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Overall, I thought that this novel had an interesting start. I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of some (what seem to be) supernatural elements, with the murder victim being aware of his own oncoming death as well as the premonitions. The opening incident with Chris was also intriguing, and you can see right away the way it has shaped his sister's life.

However, I felt like there was a bit too much repetition of the idea of paths/fate, where it became really obvious as an ongoing theme in only the first 30 pages or so. Of course some of these moments make sense and I appreciate the ongoing motif, and it especially makes sense as a question that Katie thinks about in terms of her brother's attack and in terms of Hobbes foreseeing his own death--but the moment where it was repeated again through the comparison to the GPS was a little much, especially if it'll be continued to be mentioned this often throughout the rest of the text, it just feels a little too present rather than a subtle theme for the reader to connect.

This beginning was certainly intriguing and had some elements I enjoyed--but at the same time, except for the inclusion of what appear to be supernatural elements, there was not a ton that really drew me in or really differentiated this novel from the beginning of other thrillers in a strong way--but of course, the book has plenty of time to do that so it doesn't need to be accomplished immediately, necessarily.