Unlike Your Normal Fantasy

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This book is probably one of my favorite fantasies I've read in recent times. It was filled with an originality and freshness that I'm not likely forget for sometime.
In this story you meet a thief, with no way to make a living and a knight, who's heart is raging against what's right and true. Both of them need each other and both are equally compelling characters to follow as they stubble their way toward and away from each other.
I really liked the way the story was told, all the while the plot went on there's this hole in the readers heart missing the adventure that happened before. While, we do get that story told, it's so nostalgically written that I didn't always feel like I was getting the whole story. It was oddly compelling.
At the heart of the story was the relationship between the two main characters that I simply couldn't get enough of, I'm a huge fan of E.K Johnson and this read truly was amazing.