Not quite what I wanted it to be

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My wife read this one for me since I had too many other books to read and review at the time when this one finally got to us.

She was excited to give it a read after reading the back cover, but as she got farther and farther into the book she realized that it wasn't quite what she thought it would be. She said that the characters were alright, but - despite the fact that they just went and saved the world - they came back and were acting like children rather than the heroes they should have been at that point. She also wasn't super happy that the story kept jumping back and forth between the present and the action of the quest they went on instead of putting all of it in one part. She would have liked to have read more about the quest and how they saved the world rather than reading about them whining about their life now.

She liked the writing and thought the world was good, but it just didn't really connect with what she thought it would be.