New take on how you read a story

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I loved that this was about what happens after an epic adventure ends! Is it actually a "happily ever after" or is there more to it? Learning how the adventure effected each character's lives is a journey in itself. Not everyone gets what they want, even when they're the hero.
While you do learn about the quest through flashbacks, it's told by only a few perspectives. You get more of an overview and that works fine because this story is centered on the after for these two characters, Olsa and Kalanthe. The f/f romance explored society's expectations based on socioeconomics and how that effects them both. I found it refreshing to see a f/f romance where society's issue wasn't about them being gay.
I did feel like this book dragged a bit and was hard for me to pick back up but I felt it was worth it and that's why I rated it 4 stars.