Book of the Year!

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Well this is the book to beat this year - one of my first 5 star reviews! What can I say about this book except that it is unique, unlike any other book, and completely worth every minute. A murder mystery like none other! You start knowing nothing about what is going on, you continue, getting only more and more confused, (you think you're supposed to know something, but then find out you don't know it until later) and then as you start to come out of the fog, you realize just how wonderfully complex the story is and how masterfully the author takes you through to the conclusion - you just can't stop! I read this with #babbookclub and while we parsed it into 4 parts, I couldn't stop after part 3 and just plunged through the rest of the book. Someone likened it to "Clue - but you're drunk" and that's true - in the best way! While this book is WORK (do NOT read right before/while falling asleep) and requires flipping back to pages for reference of who said what when or taking notes, the work is more than worth it. I can't recommend this book more.