A solid mystery

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Alright, so to start off this review I want to say that I was really looking forward to reading this book. Looking back, was it as amazing as I'd hoped? No. Did I still really enjoy my time with it? Yes.

I think for me what it comes down to is that this book did what it set out to do: tell a good murder mystery. What kept me engaged throughout this story was the mystery itself. I was so curious as to what was going on and to who had done it all that I was unable to put it down. That's why this book was so good for me. It kept me engaged in the story, it kept me aching to uncover the mystery. The complex planning that must have gone into winding all of this together is just astounding to me--it was amazing!

I will say the one thing I didn't feel was up to par was the characters. I didn't connect very well to them but I largely feel as if that's because the main character himself didn't even really know who he was. He wakes up with no memory and takes on some of the personality traits of the person he's inhabiting. So it was difficult to connect.

I don't know if I'm going to reread it, though. I think one of the brilliant things about this novel was the fact that I was constantly guessing and trying to figure things out. Knowing all the answers going back would be fun in the sense I could look at the foreshadowing and whatnot, but it also wouldn't be as thrilling or engaging.