A fun twist on a classic murder mystery

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This book is hard to explain and left me thoroughly confused at times but I still truly enjoyed reading it. It's a really fun twist on the classic murder mystery as well as the repeating day structure.
A man named Aiden is at a party where a murder takes place. Anyone could be the murderer. Then he wakes up the next day at the same party, in the body of a different attendee. Each day he lives the events again from a new perspective and each day he learns new things.
The plot goes in an unexpected and twisty direction and I think it might divide readers. I was on the side of really liking it and I found it satisfying.
If you, like me, really like things like Clue and Groundhog Day, you should give this a try. I couldn't put this book down and I loved the writing. However, I'd also like to add a content warning for some pretty blatant fatphobia during some sections of the book.