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It Wasn't What I Wanted

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I was able to read a first look through BookishFirst and was really excited about the time period and how women were being incorporated into the police department, but the rest of the book didn't live up to the excitement from the beginning.
Jane Tennsion is on probationary work with the police department in Hackney. The atmosphere of 1973 is not conducive to female police but Jane and her friend Kath continue to do their jobs to the best of their ability while dealing with men's behavior. Jane begins working on a murder case that will lead kidnapping, rape and more death. Navigating the world of crime and her own personal life is a trial for Jane. But she hasn't seen anything yet.
The novel gives Jane. Kath and the female victim every trope that women fight so hard against. Instead of being a liberating look into the fight of women's right, Jane is submissive in everything that happens in her personal life. While I like that she was aggressive in her work and spoke out and showed that women could be great officers, Jane falls into every trap from office romance to loss of loved ones.
While I liked the original mystery she is investigating, the bank robbery seemed to drag on. I did really enjoy the time period and a look at something that wasn't so contemporary.
Overall, Tennison did not become my hero like I wanted, but it was good to see that she is in fact human.