All is not as it seems in the suburbs when an Ex-FBI agent uncovers the truth!

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this sneak peek of Susan Isaac’s TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE! I was immediately intrigued by the main character Corie Geller and her rather new and subdued life in the suburbs of Long Island. As Corie begins to describe how her life has changed, you can easily see that her current life is very different from the life she had before getting married to Josh, a federal judge and becoming a stepmom to his daughter Eliza.

Before meeting Josh and Eliza, Corie was an agent with the FBI, at one point serving as part of a Joint TerrorismTask Force. Having chosen to leave the FBI to be available to care for Eliza, Corie now finds herself living in a posh neighborhood in the suburbs. She is married to Josh, a handsome, wealthy, and decent man who chose to leave a prestigious Manhattan firm to be there for his daughter Eliza after the sudden death of his late wife. For the past three years Corrie has lived in the same house that was decorated by Josh’s late wife in a “safely upscale suburban style”. She has worked as a freelance for three large literary agencies scouting for contemporary Arabic fiction that could be successful in the English speaking market while keeping her past life with the FBI a secret. Although Corie has the normal life she thought she wanted she’s still very much the curious, observant, slightly suspicious person she use to be.

Corie belongs to a suburban group of self employed individuals that meets every Wednesday at a French restaurant. Although Corie joined this group with the hopes of it being a path to new friendships she begins to realize that she truly doesn’t fit in with the other members of the group. While she chose to quit the FBI and downsize, the other members really weren’t given a choice to work from home. It was the only option available to them. As she contemplates how different her circumstances are, her attention is diverted to one of the other members in the group namely Pete Delaney. Corie begins to question why he always arrives early, always sits in the same seat, always has a new phone and why he continually watches his car in the parking lot? “Wednesday’s became soup, salad and me watching Pete watch his car.” Delaney is a milquetoast package designer. He is a pleasant, middle aged man who always dresses in baggy pants, which reportedly covers “muscles on muscles”. Corie sees him as someone who is nice and so carefully predictable that it seems like he’s “put his personality in storage.” As she continues to watch Pete she senses that something is off. As her FBI instincts kick in, she begins to question who Pete really is and what he could possibly he be hiding. When Corie decides to follow him she quickly realizes that he is perpetually watchful and we’ll trained. When Pete notices Corie following him she comes to the conclusion that Pete obviously possesses finely tuned skills, skills that she was also trained to have. At this point Corie discovers that “It Takes One to Know One!” Thus begins Corie’s investigation into Pete Delaney and what he might be hiding.

I absolutely loved reading this excerpt. I truly enjoyed the authors quick, witty style of writing and appreciated the great depth of description. I look forward to finding out what Corie discovers as she learns more about who Pete Delaney really is. I’m also curious about “the perfect grilled cheese sandwich” dream and it’s meaning.

I really like the books cover. I think it is eye catching and intriguing! The title of the book is perfect and leads you right into this wonderful story.
Thank you for allowing me to read this excellent sneak peek.