Wow! What a Strange Ride!

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Wow! What a strange ride I just went on with this book. I read Dig by A.S. King and was taken on this strange ride with that book as well. If you enjoy strange books with even stranger characters this book is definitely for you. There were so many times while reading that I had no idea what was going on. The characters seemed so read and the setting could have been in my small town neighborhood. But then again it was like living in a dream. A crazy dream that could only happen in a crazy simulation of our world.
Aside from all the craziness this book had some high points for me. The love that the main character has for her family is what I stayed with the book for. It is a real love that can not be faked. The mother leaves the family but comes back and the relationship she has with the children and father are what made the book seem real. The love of a mother can never be replaced.