A Quick Yet Unique Read

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For a book with a very strange premise and style, I was surprised by how quickly I adjusted to King's writing. If there's any book being published this year that I'd strongly recommend you read an excerpt for, it would be this one. Penguin Random House has a free 10-page-ish sample that will really be able to test if this is a good pick for you. I think there will be very split reviews of Switch, but the controversial ones always make for the most interesting reads.

What you can get from the description of Switch is that it takes place in a world where time has stopped. But I feel like there's more that can be said that can do the book more justice, because it also has a family-drama aspect, magical powers, and even a focus on javelins. It does a really good job at walking the line between dark topics and something more lighthearted.

Switch is around 250 pages and has writing similar to poetry at some points, making it a very fast read. I've heard from others this is very on-brand with A.S. King's other work, so I'd definitely check it out!