An Interesting Concept

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This futuristic world has been frozen in time (as the Prologue explains) for nine months. The date has remained the same. However, something really different is that people age and die, new life is formed (babies arrive) and people's hair grows. So this is not a "Groundhog Day" where everything is the same over and over. I find the concept very interesting of having a society that is trying to figure out a why to get time going again. Every school is told to focus on this in the curriculum, but even stranger is that as soon as some teenagers build a website that explains what the real date and actual 24 hour clock time would be if this freeze had not happened, then everything goes back to normal. This remedy is called SOLUTION TIME. The first person narrator does not like it since the narrator believes the real solution to problems is to care - "give a sh_ _" as the narrator words it. Hmmmm. I am curious to see where this is going. I agree that caring about people is definitely important. I am not sure I agree with what this book's rating should be yet. 4? 5? I will read this and find out!