You can't air your drama on social media if your hands are covered in molasses

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I LOVE that Heather Kim takes the time to write out an intro about how cathartic throwing yourself into baking can be, and that you can't exactly go on social media and air your drama if your hands are covered in molasses. She clearly took her own love of kitchen related stress relief and wanted to share it with others. In the intro she also reminds teens (who, realistically, are the target audience of the book), that the book is not a if it's a problem is really big, maybe the reader should consider also getting some help.

ALL of the recipes look to die for. The graphics are great...eye catching and entertaining. The names of each dessert are literally laugh out loud amusing.

And if you need any other reason to pick up this book...there's a recipe in it for candied bacon that looks better than any of the recipes I've seen before. Cannot wait to make that!