This book gives sweet revenge a much tastier meaning!

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I loved this book! At first I wasn't sure what this was really about or where author Heather Kim was going with this but I loved it! This is the perfect book for anyone that has been done wrong by someone. I love that the author show people a healthy way of dealing with what are usually thought of as negative emotions. I tried some of the recipes and loved them as well. This book has the dual purpose of awesome recipes and somewhat of a self-help angle. I'm not sure I would waste good groceries on someone that has wronged me but I have to say I love this idea as I've always found that I've turned to baking when I'm emotional whether I'm happy, sad, or angry. Or any mix of the three. I think just baking your frustrations away is awesome. And maybe you could donate the goodies to the needy instead of the meanie.